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Online Registration Ends Today!!!

Online Registration Ends Today!!! Don't miss out on your last chance to save some serious cash!!!

Date: Sunday July 28, 2019

Location:  Michigan Math & Science Academy-27300 Dequindre Rd.  Warren, MI 48092

Time:  10am

Online Registration: (on or before Wednesday July 24, 2019)


$65 One Division (Example Gi ONLY)       $75 Two Divisions (Example Gi AND No-Gi)


$45 One Division (Example Gi ONLY)       $55 Two Divisions (Example Gi AND No-Gi)


$8 (5 & under Free)


At The Door Registration: (after Wednesday July 24, 2019)


$75 One Division       $100 Two Divisions


$55 One Division        $75 Two Divisions


$10 (5 & under Free)

Register today and save some serious cash!!!


Registering for our Sunday July 28th Tournament is as easy as 1,2,3!!!

Step 1:

Click on the "Registration" tab and fully fill out the registration form. Once you have completely filled out the registration form, click "submit" at the bottom of the page. Please note: You will NOT receive a confirmation once you have submitted your registration form, as your registration process is not yet complete. You will most likely be routed back to the homepage. Don't worry, we got it, no need to resubmit your form.

Step 2:

Click on the "Registration Payment" tab (located directly next to the "Registration" tab). Click the appropriate icons and add them to your cart (you can also pay for your spectators in advance if you wish). Once you have added the appropriate icons to your cart, proceed to checkout and pay for your divisions. Please note: You WILL receive a confirmation once your payment is complete. If you did not receive a confirmation after paying for your divisions then your payment most likely did not process. You may print the page out for your records or screenshot it if you wish, however it is not necessary as we have also received a copy for our records once you process your payment.

Step 3:

Train hard and be ready for a great competition on Sunday July 28th!!!

If you have any difficulties or questions regarding registration, feel free to message us or give us a call at 586-806-2066

Tournament Info:

Date:  Sunday July 28, 2019

Location:  Michigan Math & Science Academy-27300 Dequindre Rd.  Warren, MI 

Registration/Check In Opens At 8:30am on Sunday


8:30am-Youth Weigh Ins
8:45am-Teen Weigh Ins
9:00am-Women Weigh Ins
9:15am-Men/Master Weigh Ins

9:45am-Rules Meeting

10:30am-Youth Gi Begins
10:45am-Teen Gi Begins
11:00am-All Adult Gi Divisions Begins

11:59am-No-Gi Check In/Weigh Ins Closes

12:00pm-No-Gi Begins

We will begin the tournament with all gi divisions.

Competitors can choose to weigh in with or without the gi on.

Divisions may run fast due to the size and competition in each division, so please be sure to arrive early as divisions may begin earlier than advertised.

All absolute divisions and super fights will be run AFTER the No-Gi divisions have concluded.

See you on Sunday!!!

Our July 28th event just got even bigger with this newest addition!!!

Super Fight Series 4!!!

Our April Super Fights were some of the best that our area has EVER witnessed! The response was overwhelming, and as a result we are adding this to our July event!!!

Interested participants must be:

18 years of age or older
A purple belt or higher

We will be having gi AND no-gi super fights, and we already have several people interested.

If you are interested in being considered for a super fight, please feel free to message us ASAP (simply message us on this facebook)! Spots are filling up fast, and we will only be accepting a limited number of competitors.

Free Absolute Divisions!!!

We are hosting an Absolute White Belt AND Absolute Blue Belt division at our upcoming July 28th event!

The absolute division is an open weight gi division that allows white belt competitors and blue belt competitors the opportunity to test their skill set against competitors from various weight classes to see who is the absolute best!

Register on or before Monday July 8th and receive your absolute division for FREE!

Remember, the prize for winning the absolute division is a 5ft trophy!!! You won't receive this anywhere else!!!

Make room in your car, register today, save yourself some cash, and claim your prize on July 28th!!!

We hope that everyone enjoyed their Fathers Day!

Please accept this post Fathers Day Special from the E.F.G. for our upcoming July 28th event!!!

Men/Masters compete for only $35!!!

Click on the "Registration" link at the top of the page and completely fill out the registration form and click "submit" at the bottom of the page.

Go back to the homepage (this page) and click on the "Registration Payment" section above.  Click on our Fathers Day Special link and checkout!

Please note:  You can only take advantage of this special if you register AND pay for this event today.  Only submitting your registration form is not enough.  You must also submit your payment.

Sale Ends Today (6/17/19)!!!!!

Welcome to the Elite Federation Of Grapplers Website!!!

The Elite Federation Of Grapplers (or E.F.G.) purpose is to provide more quality grappling competitions to the Michigan area.  The E.F.G. will host three tournaments per year, plus a year ending finals.  All competitors will automatically receive points for each tournament that they compete in.  The competitors points will be tracked, and posted here on this site.  At the end of the season, the competitor with the most points in each division will be recognized as the E.F.G. Champion for that year/season! 

The Elite Federation Of Grapplers circuit is not limited to Michigan residents only.  Everyone is encouraged to compete!!!


Welcome To Professionalism and Consistency!!!

Tired of wondering when the next event will be?  Tired of over-priced and unprofessional events?  Well compete for E.F.G.  The Elite Federation Of Grapplers is ALL about the competitors.  We will highlight the competitors throughout the season with photographs from the events.  You will ALWAYS be able to come to this site to keep track of your points, progression, and to find out when the next event will be!  The Elite Federation Of Grapplers is the new age of Grappling competitions!!!

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